Connect With Your Filipino Heritage Bite by Bite


Connect With Your Filipino Heritage Bite by Bite

Kultura Festival Chicago 2016

Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for featuring Kultura Festival on September 7!

Kultura Festival 2017 is Sunday, september 24, at Emporium arcade Bar in Logan Square, 2363 N. Milwaukee Avenue, chicago.

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Started in 2015 by food media and events group Filipino Kitchen, Kultura Festival aims to highlight the best in Filipino-American food and arts, and is carefully curated to appeal to those who personally identify with Filipino culture and the merely curious or uninitiated. Kultura Festival coincides with the start of Filipino American History Month, a nationally commemorated holiday every October since 2009, with the passage of US House Resolution 780 and Senate Resolution 298. 

Festival menu!

  • Brisket Kare Kare: maple-mesquite smoked brisket, toasted pan de sal, coconut peanut annatto sauce
  • Tocino Poutine: three day sweet cured pork shoulder, white adobo gravy, french fries
  • Okoy: fried shrimp and vegetable fritters with fresh banana ketchup
  • Chinoy Lumpia: braised vegetables and tofu in lettuce cups with nori, sriracha and cilantro oil
  • Pato Arroz Caldo: rice porridge with duck leg, crispy duck skin, hard cooked egg, fried garlic, patis & scallions
  • Longanisa Bao: Filipino garlic sausage, guava aioli, steamed bao
  • Bicol Express: Pork belly simmered in coconut milk and chilies, topped with shrimp and scallions and served over jasmine rice
  • Jackfruit Adobo: green jackfruit simmered in coconut milk, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, and Thai chilies, served over Jasmine rice and garnished with fried garlic and scallions.  
  • NEW! Ube Ice Cream Sandwiches: homemade ube ice cream and cookies
  • NEW! Pork Adobo: slow-cooked pork in soy sauce, vinegar, bay leaves, whole peppercorn, and garlic served over white rice
  • NEW! Chicken Stixs: meat on a stick marinated in a family recipe, skewered and grilled
  • NEW! Pancit: a thin rice noodle dish with carrots, cabbage, celery, and paprika
  • NEW! Bibingka: a sweet rice flour cake with coconut and parmesan cheese
  • NEW! Ginataang halo-halo: jackfruit, purple yam, sticky rice balls and nata de coco in coconut milk


Restaurateurs Amy Besa and Chef Romy Dorotan present several events in Chicago on their Hidden Flavors of the Philippine Kitchen 2017 North American tour: a September 26 presentation to Culinary Historians of Chicago; and a September 28 popup dinner with Chef Joaquin Soler of smalls. at Uncle Mike’s Place. The food tour will showcase the use of indigenous and sometimes rare ingredients from the Philippines to create meals that truly reflect the flavors of the soil, water and air of the home country.

Besa and Dorotan are widely acknowledged as the pioneers of Filipino American cuisine, with their celebrated restaurants Cendrillon (1995 to 2009, New York City), Purple Yam Brooklyn (opened in 2009, New York City) and Purple Yam Malate (opened in 2014, Manila, Philippines). Besa and Dorotan co-authored the seminal cookbook, “Memories of Philippine Kitchens,” (Steward, Tabori and Chang, 2006), winning an International Association of Culinary Professionals cookbook award in 2007. Besa and Dorotan, and their recipes have appeared in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Martha Stewart Show, among many other notable culinary professional publications and speaking engagements.

These September Chicago events (detailed below) are made possible through the Republic of the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs and the Philippine Consulate General of Chicago-Midwest, and are co-produced by Filipino Kitchen:

Presentation for Chicago Foodways Roundtable, September 26

On Tuesday, September 26, 7 PM, Besa and Dorotan will present on indigenous ingredients highlighted by Purple Yam Malate -- edible products made from plants grown in the Philippines which are unknown, ignored, and undervalued. To complement the presentation, Besa and Dorotan will prepare and serve several examples of Philippine adobo for the audience to sample. This ticketed event, hosted at Kendall College, 900 North Branch Street, Chicago, is open to the public. For more information, see the Chicago Foodways Roundtable event page.

Pop-up Dinner With Chef Joaquin Soler, September 28

On Thursday, September 28 at 6:30 or 7:30 PM, Besa and Dorotan present a popup dinner at Uncle Mike’s Place, 1700 W Grand Avenue, Chicago. Besa and Dorotan collaborate on this pop-up dinner with Chicago-based Chef Joaquin Soler, chef-owner of the recently closed smalls. barbecue. The multi-course pop-up dinner is conceptualized as “new turo-turo,” referring to the iconic Filipino mom-and-pop cafeteria-style restaurants. This event is open to the public, and tickets are $65, on sale for the 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM seatings at

For more information on the Hidden Flavors of the Philippine Kitchen 2017 North American tour through New York City, Philadelphia, Toronto, Seattle and Chicago, please visit


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