If you’re a regular here, you might be familiar with Filipino Kitchen’s collaborations with The Errant Diner. When Paolo Española comes a-callin’, we answer. That’s how we wound up in the Great White North--Minneapolis--in almost-not-quite-spring.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Errant Diner, that’s Paolo’s chef-moniker (much as insists he’s not a chef). Along with Hidden Apron, his collective of like-minded not-chefs, he caters private events, hosts pop-ups and generally kicks ass at all things gastronomic. Significantly, a portion of the proceeds from every Hidden Apron event benefits Advancement for Rural Kids (ARK), a nonprofit working to end hunger and malnutrition and improve school attendance among rural children in the Philippines.

These groups came together in force on April 3 to produce the Midwest for a Million Unity Dinner, an event whose goal was to unite collegiate organizations from twenty-four Midwestern universities working to fund a million meals for needy kids through ARK’s award-winning feeding program. Ever the conspirator, Paolo tapped St. Paul-based pop-up series LolaRosa’s to collaborate on the menu.

Oh, did we mention this was a prix-fixe, plated meal for 250 guests?

Cue hordes of volunteers setting up tables and chairs, cleaning banana leaves and plating four courses in a functioning boxing gym.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Paolo and LolaRosa’s killed the menu and helped ARK raise $8165--enough for 163,300 school lunches.

Bummed you couldn’t make it? Don’t fret! The upcoming Evening in Manila in New York on May 20 will also benefit ARK’s feeding program. You can also catch the next LolaRosa's pop-up on May 7 in St. Paul. Come through for good eats and good feels.