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We do not accept the following comments: spam, derogatory or inflammatory comments, personal attacks, anonymous comments, off-topic rants, anchor text or keywords in a commenter's name. 

We do not allow embedded links to another website in a comment, except when linked to information that supports the conversation.

We retain the right to accept or edit comments as appropriate. We will do this judiciously and as little as possible.

Comments that violate the rules will be edited or deleted. In the case of repeated violations, participants will be blocked.

We accept and welcome comments that express opposing views in a civil manner, in accord with the rules.

We may edit these rules as we see fit in the future.


In short, let's all play nice, and everything is gonna be alright.

Source: "17 tips for creating a blog comment policy," by Heidi Cohen, Ragan.com. Accessed September 20, 2014.