Chef roland calupe: Kartabar, Providence, Rhode Island

Chicago native Chef Roland's kitchen experience includes Marcus Sammuelsson’s C-House, Adam Grandt’s Sage Grille, Tony Mantuano’s Spiaggia, Eataly Chicago, Chef de Cuisine at the Bedford Village Inn in Bedford, New Hampshire, and now Executive Chef at Kartabar in Providence, Rhode Island. In July Chef Roland collaborated with Maharlika for a guest chef series in New York City. 

welcome home chef roland and eat his filipino treats at kultura Kristmas on December 13! get those tickets.

Last nights #lineup for #GuestChefseries. Chef #rolandcalupe describes the second dish feat. Philippine #heirloom rice imported by #Maryhensley. Ifugao rice terraces are marvels of human ingenuity, industry and adaptation to harsh environments. The Ifugaos have managed to raise their food needs by carefully preserving the forests (muyongs) in the mountain tops to assure the terraces (payohs) below of continuing water supply. They have developed a complex system of hydraulic engineering with dams, sluices and bamboo water pipes to make sure all the terraces receive water when they are needed and the water ultimately safely conducted to the streams below. The rice terraces have long ceased to be economically viable farm units. The effective areas planted to crops are tiny and because of the steep terrain, the use of animal power and machines are out of the question. The retaining walls many of which are several feet high keep falling because of landslides from heavy rains, typhoons and occasional earthquakes. The rocks and earth must be patiently piled back by hand. However, labor is increasingly scarce --young people outmigrate searching of better employment. One bright picture in the horizon is the promotion and popularization of the #heirloom rice varieties exclusively grown in the #Ifugao rice terraces. These exotic land races of rice which have been selected and passed on through countless generations of farmers are highly prized for their superior eating quality, aroma, texture and color. The grains are exclusively marketed at a premium in the US through a small, socially responsible company called Eighth Wonder managed by Mary Hensley, a former Peace Corps volunteer to the Philippines. #philippineeeeeats #restaurantlife #cheflife #filipinofood #sarap

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