chef yana gilbuena: Salo project, the world

Chef Yana Gilbuena is the mastermind behind SALO, a traveling dinner project that serves kamayan­ style feasts (traditional Filipino method of eating with one’s hands). She’s completed a 50­state tour of the US and recently, of Canada, and has her sights set on Central and South America next year.

"I'm excited for the Kultura festival to share with the Chicago community the depth of filipino food and culture," said Chef Yana.

"The food and the people make me passionate about Filipino food. food is a great way to engage people already, but with Filipino food, it's unchartered territory. There's a lot of room to grow and explore and I want to share my explorations with people."

get your hands on yana's cooking at kultura festival, october 4! cop those tix right now!


Third and last #popup #dinner in #halifax, done! I wanted to say my thanks to the people who made this all happen, from Vice Consul Tita Beth who engaged the Filipino community in the maximum level. To my hosts and wine purveyors Consul General Sean and Barbara (@petiterivierevineyards for the awesome wine! ). To the lovely #titasofhalifax who opened their homes and hearts. To the lovely ladies of @chameleonhfx, who created this super magical tropical space in downtown halifax (complete with the manila heat and n humidity! Lololol). And lastly, to a newfound friend/soul sister @nataliechavarie of @thefoodwolf, who in more ways than one have been so essential and who worked as much (if not more) than I did in making this magic happen: from early morning treks to the farmer's market to super late night schlepping and cleaning, to market runs in between. Yes, salo series is a one-woman moveable filipino feast, but I have support from such amazing people wherever I go that #thesaloproject has evolved into more of a community-gathering/engaging event-- from local chef collaborators, to wine/beer makers, to event planners, to foodies and tastemakers. So thank you. Thank you for the amazing time, Canada! Thank you for the beautiful friendships and memories created. I'm very grateful for how I've been influenced and become better through this experience. Sending my love to the people in vancouver, edmonton, calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, ottawa, and montreal. It's been a great #canadian #tour! #filipinofood #gastrodiplomat #gypsychef #pinaychef #filipinofoodmovement #salogoescanadian #ohcanada #popupchef #collabonation

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