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RTST (pronounced "Artist") is DJ/Turntablist based out of Chicago. He is mostly known for being a "Scratch DJ" through utilizing the turntables as an instrument. He is a founding member of Cutz on Cuts and the Chicago Turntablist Authority (CTA). Growing up, he was influenced by the likes of DJ Qbert, D-Styles, DJ Shadow, and The Beat Junkies. Since then, he has followed in their footsteps by DJ'ing all over the US as well as participating in DJ battles around the world. 

As a DJ, RTST doesn't single himself out into one style of music. He plays eclectic sets ranging from hip-hop, house, funk, electronic, and more. This has led him to have several residencies all over Chicago and play in several major cities in America. Along with that, he has DJ'ed for several hip-hop artists such as Blackalicious' Gift of Gab, Bambu, Mass Hysteria, AMS, TheWhoevers, and more.

RTST has participated in several DJ competitions, most notably Battle Avenue's Cut2Cut Scratch competition and the DMCs. In 2014, he became the Cut2Cut New York City Champion. With his crew, CTA, they represented as Team USA in the 2014 DMC World Championships in London. They ended up 4th in the world. He was also 3rd in 2015's DMC Scratch Battle.
Beyond his successes in DJing, RTST strives to give back to the Chicago DJ community by providing events for turntablists. He is a representative for Battle Avenue and with that, he has brought the Cut2Cut battles to the Chicago. In 2015, he became the Chicago chapter head for Canada based DJ Brand, "Skratcher." He throws monthly scratch sessions in Chicago that not only represents the brand, but also connects the Chicago turntablist community amongst each other.

What's his favorite part of Christmas?

... The constant barrage of family parties and all the Filipino food that comes with it. 

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