Are you a restaurant?
Nope! While we do collaborate with chefs and restaurants to hold pop-up dinners and similar events, we do not run our own brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Do you want to be a restaurant?
Not exactly. We haven't ruled out partnering with a pop-up series to establish a restaurant, but all that's very much in the "maybe one day" stage.

You keep saying pop-up. What's that?
Glad you asked! A pop-up is a temporary restaurant. It's not necessarily held in a traditional restaurant setting, though: it could be held in a private residence or event space, a vacant warehouse, even an alley. Some pop-up folks make regular appearances at street fairs and music festivals or do private catering.

Are you going to do an event in my city?
Could be! We love to travel and connect with the Filipino community all over the country and around the world. If you know someone who knows someone who knows someone we should coordinate with, drop us a line!

Can you tell me where to find Filipino food in my city?
Maybe! If you live in Chicago, New York, LA, Boston, DC, New Orleans, London or Paris, we know where to send you. If you don't, ask us anyway! We'll put the question out on the twilight bark and see if anyone knows a spot.

Those are pretty cool t-shirts you guys are wearing. Where can I get one?
Right here! We collaborated with Bayani Art to bring you an original Filipino Kitchen t-shirt, aprons and stickers, too. Shirts are $30 (limited quantities! now only in XS and XL); aprons are sold out (were $35); stickers are $1. Prices include shipping and handling within the continental US. E-mail natalia [at] filipino [dot] kitchen if you're interested. Payment is accepted via PayPal.