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Kristian Kabuay's art is focused on the ancient writing system from the Philippines called Baybayin. It was nearly extinct due to colonization and is being brought back by Kabuay and a few other young Filipino-Americans. As a leading authority for the propagation and instruction of the script, he developed a modern style of the writing system called Tulang Kalis (Poetry of the Sword) and recently introduced it as Filipino Calligraphy with a series of live demonstrations and lectures at the Asian Art Museum in October 2012. He has spoken at Stanford, Berkeley, SF State, Davis, Sonoma State and the University of the Philippines.

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Ginto Seeds

We are the golden seeds our ancestors planted. 

Ginto Seeds is a collection of clothing, jewelry and accessories designed with special symbols, sacred geometry and patterns, ancient scripts and invocations. The designs are intended to empower, activate, inspire, heal and connect us to our indigenous roots.

Using solar pyrography, sublimation or screen printing, each design is created with the highest intentions. The clothing and accessories are tools that encourage individuality, style, creates dialogue and a sense of cultural pride.


Pineapple Industries

Pineapple Industries is a made-to-measure and custom Barong Tagalog seller. The barong is the national garment of the Philippines, and the mission of Pineapple Industries is to foster a deeper appreciation for this unique cultural product among Filipinos everywhere. Every Pineapple Industry barong is customized to be flattering to its wearer, regardless of gender, and fits its wearer’s contemporary style and fashion sense. Every Pineapple Industry garment is handmade in the Philippines by the best barong makers. With your help, we can reclaim, preserve and continue to evolve barongs as cultural products and help support this industry and the people working in it in the Philippines.

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Export Quality Art Collective

Export Quality is an art + design collective comprised of 12 Filipinx-/American artists. They engage with topics including, but not limited to: intersectionality, the diaspora, the archipelago, gender, and sexuality. Their multidisciplinary practices make space for dialogues and outreach, creating platforms to engage with communities. In doing so, they attempt to promote Filipinx visibility within a Eurocentric art world.