Sisig-filled Scallion Pancakes: tender pork cheek and ear in a fried scallion cake

Kare Kare Steam Buns: savory peanut stewed oxtail

Potato and roasted garlic lumpia with white truffle crema (vegetarian)

Lumpiang prito: Ground pork or chicken with vermicelli noodles, carrots and onion, sambal aioli and suka

Hamonado (pork) grilled cheese sandwich with pineapple glaze

Pancit Molo dumpling soup

Lamb and beef Kaldereta meatloaf: tomato cream sauce, fried chickpeas, confit peas and carrots

Adobo pulled pork stuffed cream puff with pineapple slaw

Filipino-style sweet spaghetti stuffed cream puff: red hot dogs, banana ketchup

Vigan longganisa dog, achara (pickles), Jufran banana ketchup and furikake


Bibingka: fluffy rice cakes baked in banana leaves in either savory or sweet: red egg and cheese or ube and macapuno

Puto bung-bong: steamed sticky black rice, grated coconut, toasted sesame and whipped butter rolled in banana leaves

Pichi-pichi: sweet cassava dumplings with grated coconut, in either pandan or ube

Maja Blanca Espesyal-inspired cream puffs: coconut and sweet corn pastry cream, topped with latik (caramelized coconut crumbles)

Ube (purple yam) cheesecake puffs

Sans Rival: Layer cake of rich buttercream, meringue and cashews.

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