Botas 66 is a sneaker company based in the Czech Republic. In 1949, a national company Botana introduced Botas in Skuteč, a region known for its shoe making since the fifteenth century. The shoes were intended as men's walking shoes and later evolved into sports shoes. In 1966, Botas introduced the Botas Classic, which became one of the most iconic shoes in Czech design. 

Botas 66 is now available online in the United States.  A store will open in spring of 2016 in Chicago.

camp hunt co.

Founded by Chicago natives Peter and Larayne, Camp Hunt specializes in goods and gifts handmade from sustainably-sourced wood and materials. Larayne’s Filipino Christmas wouldn’t be complete without her lola’s kare kare. “She makes it once a year for Christmas and it's hands-down the best present I can ask for,” Larayne says. “Of course being together with my family is always a wonderful time.”

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bayani art

The goal of Bayani Art is to strengthen the unity within the Filipino community by telling the rich history of the Motherland. The company is independently owned by Joe Aquilizan, who was born in Tondo Manila, Philippines and raised in Oakland, California. Humbled by the strong values that were taught by his elders, Joe remains conscious of his responsibility to carry on our culture.

The concept of Bayani started as his way to promote his creative skills and talents, and to bring his artwork and crafts to you. In supporting Bayani Art and its artists, you are a part of honoring Filipino history and continuing the representation of Filipinos throughout the world.

Portion of the proceeds of sales help support a non-profit organizations for Filipino youth, Mabuhay.


Merryenda is an art store focused on the Filipino snack time called "merienda," which is a light meal enjoyed in between breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Brought to you by Roe Villaseñor, these art prints surely stir in merriment and pack in cuteness by combining puns with merienda favorites. From postcards to posters, there's something awesome for everyone on your list (especially you!) Roe's favorite part of Filipino Christmas festivities is eating bibingka. "In fact, I bibingkanthaveenoughofit!" she says.

And remember: Don't be hangry. Merryenda. 

trisha oralie martin

Trisha Oralie Martin is an interdisciplinary book and paper artist currently living, working and teaching in Chicago. She puts her art into action through engagement with diverse communities both locally and internationally. Her handmade wares include Filipino-inspired letter pressed holiday cards, air plants with abaca vessels, linocut prints, and hand bound notebooks.

"My favorite part of Filipino holiday festivities is getting together with family to roll lumpia and bake guava pies," Trisha says. "I suppose in general, I love seeing all the colorful parole and in Pampanga, my mom's province, there is a parol competition where teams synchronize lights and music to giant parols."

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maya Soap

maya soaps kultura kristmas 2015

Maya Odim is an artist and K-3 Science teacher who has been working with the Loud Grade Produce Squad as a gardener and soap maker since 2012. The Loud Grade Produce Squad is a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is sustainable development, focusing on urban agriculture and waste vegetable oil biodiesel.

The organization helps people grow and use locally produced food and fuel in Chicago and beyond. After converting waste vegetable oil into fuel, they use the leftover vegetable glycerin to make hand-poured soap.

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